How am I supposed to know who I am
When I look like who I want to be
But the me inside still isn’t free
I’m just a shadow of who I thought I was

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On the train ~


1x15: Humanity

"Tornado is Justice League. The team is not to pursue this.”


the kid flash costume is ridiculously fun to draw

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m’gann week redux → day 2: touch



April Drawing Challenge: Day 6

Lagging behind, since it’s been a very tough month, here’s a stab at another April Drawing Challenge. I’ve had Young Justice playing in the background on netflix while I work, and I’ve really been enjoying the show! So here’s a quick Artemis for the “fanart” challenge, and after my two major projects are out of the way by mid-June, I hope to draw more complete YJ fan arts!


Episode 17 of Hello Megan - “Grammy Jones’s recipe”

It’s both M’gann and Gar’s favorite.

(I put unnecessary amounts of effort into the fake episode even though you can’t see it that well in the top picture… oh well)

Young Justice Invasion: Locations

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we did good work here, tonight.

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