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Yes hallow my name is Garefield I come with traditional flour crown love me pls

Palette #17

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Ladies in snow stealth (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


So this kind of happened at Dragoncon completely by accident. We were headed down to a photo shoot and my cape got stuck. So my roommated snapped a photo and laughed at me.

   I don’t have any other photos of the outfit sadly but I am fixing the belt/pouches and I am in the process of remaking the cape right now too.

Anyway. I figured out why Dick ditched the cape.

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artemis but also kind of a self portrait. baby steps.

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so i decided to draw these idiots.


Miss Martian

cosplay: warrant-to-arrest

see more of our cosplays at subzerocosplay

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i have a mighty need for more spitifre


The backstory behind the Young Justice version of Artemis Crock is actually one more deeply engrained in DC’s mythology than you’d expect for a a character.

For a start, in the show Artemis is the daughter of two supervillains, Sportsmarter and Huntress, and this is also true in the comics… to an point.

Prior to the reboot, it was a long established point that Sportsmaster was actually married to a supervillainess by the name of Tigress (the name that Artemis later adopts in the show), as well as them having a daughter by the name of Artemis.

While Artemis did exist in the comics, she was also thoroughly in the supervillain camp, even adopting her mother’s codename when she went into business as a tracker and crossbow-wielding assassin.

Interestingly, in the comics Artemis is actually the third in a line of women to use Tigress as a codename. The original being a Zatara villain back in the 1940s, her daughter (Paula) being a superhero for a period before marrying Sportsmaster and fully joining Team Evil, and their daughter (Artemis) eventually inheriting the name for herself.

Another amusing link to the comics can be found in Greg Weisman and Christoper Jones’ tie-in comic to the cartoon. In issue 9 of the series, we get a flashback to Artemis’ time prior to joining the Team, where it’s shown that she used to be friends with Icicle, another member of a supervillain legacy. In the comics, the pair are actually married and have a daughter, named Isabelle Rose Mahkent.

Young Justice is also technically the second time we’ve seen Artemis and her connection to her parents in a DC animated production, as they can all be seen together in the Batman: the Brave and the Bold episode Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventure!. There the three are seen on a road trip by Aquaman just as he’s taking his family on vacation.

Jade Nguyen, Cheshire, is only related to Artemis in the works related to the Young Justice TV show though… in addition to being a more clear-cut case of being an awful person in the comics, being a woman who successfully nuked a Middle Eastern country more or less just to prove she could do it.